New website and forum published

A new and completely revamped website has just been published. We hope you will find it to provide you with not only a clearer and more complete overview of Seismosoft's activities, but also with an easier access to its products and services. A ne......

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SeismoStruct v7.0.2 released!

A new version of SeismoStruct has been released, fixing a bug in the movies creator facility that was preventing its use.  

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SeismoStruct v7.0.1 released!

A new version of SeismoStruct has been released, featuring some minor bug fixes regarding:   1) Stress Points: selection, visualisation and removal 2) IDA analysis: performance criteria 3) Confinement Factor: Help button in dialog......

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SeismoStruct v7 now available, with impressive new features

Version 7 of award-winning SeismoStruct has just been released, featuring the following new major analysis/modelling capabilities: 1) Response Spectrum analysis 2) CAD-based Building Modeller (Note: not available in academic vers......

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SeismoStruct now available in Spanish and Turkish languages

Version 6.5 of award-winning SeismoStruct has just been released, featuring, amongst a number of other changes, the introduction of support for Spanish and Turkish languages: New general features: 1) Multi-lingual installation featuring......

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A brand new SeismoArtif is released!

A heavily revamped SeismoArtif is released, together with updated versions of SeismoMatch, SeismoSpect & SeismoSignal. Below, the new features of these four applications are summarised:  SeismoArtif v2.1 New features 1) Introduced t......

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SeismoStruct once again tops a Blind Prediction Contest

Only a few months have passed since SeismoStruct won the 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering Blind Prediction Contest, and we have received news of yet another successful participation of SeismoStruct in a similar exercise, this time......

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SeismoStruct v6 released!

A new version of award-winning SeismoStruct has been released, featuring the following major updates and verified new features: New general features: 1) Multi-lingual installation (currently English and Italian languages are supp......

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SeismoStruct stars again in another Blind Prediction Contest

Following the 2010 success in the blind prediction contest carried out by PEER and NEES, where SeismoStruct was used by the winner of the Practitioners category and by 3 out of the 8 teams that received an 'Award of Excellence', SeismoStruc......

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SeismoArtif - a new tool for artificial accelerograms generation

SeismoArtif v1 is released - the ideal complement to the updated version of SeismoMatch, also now available: SeismoMatch v2 New features:  1) Introduced 'Projects', so that matching with/of a set of records can be paused and then resum......

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Updated versions of SeismoSignal & SeismoSpect released!

Updated versions of SeismoSignal & SeismoSpect released, featuring a number of new capabilities: SeismoSignal v5 New features:  1) Increased the maximum allowed number of accelerogram data points from 2^15 (still the maximum for Fo......

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SeismoStruct v5.2.2 released!

A new version of SeismoStruct has been released, featuring some minor updates and bug fixes:  1) Updated Help System (including a now complete list of the new features in v5.2.1 release) 2) Allowed the definition of negat......

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Short course on nonlinear analysis of RC structures (Pavia, IT)

The EUCENTRE Foundation (Pavia, Italy) is organising, in collaboration with Seismosoft, a short course on nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures. The dates are 7-8 July 2011 and the course will be delivered in Italian language. Fur......

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SeismoStruct v5.2.1 released!

A new version of SeismoStruct has been released, featuring a number of new capabilities:  New general features:  1) Software licensing facility introduced in the program  2) Automatic checking of a release of a new version  3)......

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Updated versions of SeismoSignal, SeismoSpect and SeismoMatch..

We are proud to announce the release of updated versions of SeismoSignal (v4.3.0), SeismoSpect (v1.3.0) and SeismoMatch (v1.3.0). These new releases feature a number of minor updates or bug fixes (see the 'What's New" page of the Help System of each ......

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SeismoStruct stars in Blind Prediction Contest

SeismoStruct was employed by the winner in the Practitioners category at the recent blind prediction contest deployed by PEER and NEES regarding the shaking-table testing of a full-scale circular bridge pier;

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Seismosoft's Online Shop opens for business

A dedicated e-commerce platform, from where it is possible for interested users to acquire commercial software licenses, is now available, at the following address: To further mark this event, updated versions of......

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SeismoSpect v1.0 released!

We are proud to announce the release of SeismoSpect v1.0, an application that allows users to create their own library of ground motion records and save them all in a single file, making it easy to handle and share large numbers of records. This......

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SeismoMatch v1.0 released!

We are proud to announce the release of SeismoMatch v1.0, an application capable of adjusting earthquake records, through wavelet addition, to match a specific target response spectrum. Users have the opportunity to simultaneously match a number......

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SeismoSoft in European Earthquake Engineering Conference

Seismosoft's applications and research work have been heavily cited in the recent 14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering (  In excess of 250 citations, spread over 100 papers, to SeismoSoft software sol......

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